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4 Steps to Get Started

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    Sign up for a free account

    Just type your email address and pick and password and you are all set. Easy is Free.
    Here is why.

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    Pick your location

    Search your location using foursquare. Foursquare makes your life easier and prevents littering our app with fake locations. If your restaurant is not on foursquare yet, you can easily add it now.

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    Start building your wine list

    Start adding wines. Our app will recognize the wine you are adding, automatically adding useful information such as region and variety.
    Check our tutorial on the right for more detail >>

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    Save and download our iPad app

    As soon as you save, you are good to go. Just download our iPad app and you will immediately see any changes you just made.
    Download our app now.

Check Our Tutorial

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You are wondering

Why it's

Why is Easy Vino Free?

  • A work of passion

    Easy Vino is a work of passion. When we first tried to find a good, easy to use tablet wine list, we wanted a few things

    1. Quickly add and change wines ourselves with instant update; 2. Cheap - restaurants have enough to worry about; 3. Easy to read, the way paper wine lists are;
  • No solution in the market

    When we did not find anything in the market that fit the bill, we decided to do it ourselves. We thought more people would have the same need, therefore we decided to share.


  • Not rocket science

    We did not try to overbuild. All we needed was an easy to use tablet wine list that could be quickly updated, and that looked good in front of customers.

  • A work in progress

    Easy Vino is far from a perfect product but it fits our needs. If you have suggestions on how we can improve, we welcome feedback. We hope you enjoy!

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Your wine list on a tablet.
Easy to use. Always updated.
Available on the app store

The Easy Vino Advantage

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    Easy to build, easy to change

    Easily create, manage, and edit your wine list with automatic wine matching. We make wine list updates incredibly easy. We save you time eliminating unnecessary middlemen.

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    Publish Everywhere, from one place

    All your wine lists in one place. You build it once, and we publish it everywhere – Tablet, Online, and Mobile. Maximize the exposure of your wine program.

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    Rich Content

    We automatically match region and variety for each wine you add. Add as much detail as you want - label images, rich descriptions, pairing information.

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    Improve your customer experience

    With our iPhone app, your customers can learn more about your wines, keep track of the wine they drink, and share their experience with friends.